Game Room Rental

For $30 an hour you can rent our spacious game room. 

Game party packages are available for an additional fee. Prices per hour:

Option 1) Basic Room Rental $30

Option 2) Board games included $35

Option 3) Dungeons & Dragons one shot adventure party $40

Option 4) Pokemon or Magic: The Gathering Learn to Play Party $40

We offer combined party packages. Contact us for more information

Learn to Play Games

We'll teach you how to play Board Games, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Dungeons & Dragons.

Schedule a when time there's not an event going and we'll teach you, free of charge.

Allow at least half an hour for the basics to be taught.



While supplies last

Special Events

We have weekly events for Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, D&D, and Warhammer but we also have Special Events like "Ladies Night" and "Adult Game Night"

Custom Altered Cards & Tokens

Kayleigh does extended and altered art cards on comission.  She can also alter and/or make tokens. 


Price depends on how difficult the comission is, but she charges $15/hr for her work.  Her "quick" character tokens she charges $5 for.

Barfing Gnome
Barfing Gnome

Gravity Falls fan art

press to zoom

Beetlejuice fan art

press to zoom
BB-8 Servo Token
BB-8 Servo Token

press to zoom
Barfing Gnome
Barfing Gnome

Gravity Falls fan art

press to zoom
Special Orders & Pre-Orders

Don't see what you want in the store?

We'll order it for you for 15% off

(as long as our distributor has it)

Is there an upcoming item you want?

Pre-order it through us at a discount!  (Prices vary depending on item you want)


Want to sell in our store?

We have several items on consignment in our store.  You set the price and we take 35% when your item sells.

MTG & Pokemon Singles

We take trade-ins of Magic: The Gathering and Pokemon Singles.

  • We use the TCGPlayer listed median for our Magic singles’ prices.

  • Trade ins are based on the value of the card and whether it is for card or store credit.

  • We do not pay cash at this time, but offer card credit (towards Magic singles and snacks) and store credit (good for events, Magic packs, and all other merchandise).

  • Rares and foils valued up to 70 cents will be taken at 6 for $1 in card credit.

  • All trade ins are at store owner's discretion.

Miniature Painting

Kayleigh paints miniatures on comission. Price will depend on the size of the miniature, but she charges $15/hr for her work.

WiFi Plans

Weekly $5

Monthly $10