Strixhaven Information

Wizards, Warlocks, and Mages, Oh My!!

Strixhaven is a school of mages made up of five colleges with different focuses of study.

A little information about the colleges:

Lorehold: The diligent researchers. Their motto is "Leave no stone unturned.

Prismari: The theatre kids. Their motto is "Express yourself with the elements."

Quandrix: The ingenious math magicians. Their motto is "Math is magic."

Silverquil: The word nerds. Their motto is "Sharp style. Sharper wit."

Witherbloom: The goth bio majors. Their motto is "Get your hands dirty."

Want more details about the colleges? click here

A little information about Pre-Orders:

Prerelease starts 4/16/21

Pre-order by 4/15/21 to get draft booster boxes for $110 each!

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Pre-order by 4/15/21 to get prerelease kits for $25 each!

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Buy 6 Strixhaven Prerelease kits (one of each "college" plus a random one) to get a special game store exclusive promo AND 12 extra packs!*

*only available while supplies last. One "college" limit per person

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