Play At Home In Our Pokemon Online League!

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Play from home using the Pokemon TCG Online game! Earn promo codes for playing!

We have special promo codes to give out to everyone who completes a game on Pokemon TCG Online.

We also have Parent and Child Bundle codes (with lots of awesome goodies) to give out to help young players get started with PTCGO with their parents.

To participate, all you have to do is play a game of PTCGO and take a screenshot of the final game results, then post it in our Discord in the Pokemon section.

Join the Discord using this link:

Be sure to introduce yourself and let us know you are there for Pokemon!

If both players are interested in codes, both will get one for playing. Codes are limited so for now it's only 1 per player.

Another way you can participate is by playing a game with Professor Kayleigh during one of her live Twitch streams! (same time as this event says)

Here is the Twitch channel:

Pokemon Player IDs are required to receive codes. (for the parent/child bundle both the child and the parent need them) Don't have a player ID? Ask us how to get one!

Look forward to running this online league! Thank you for playing!

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