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Updated: Jun 5, 2020

Hey everybody! Guess what? You can play in organized events using MTG Arena now!

There's two different ways you can play on Friday Nights: The FNM@Home option on Area, and our organized events.

FNM@Home is an on-demand event in MTG Arena only available on Fridays. The format varies from week to week. You can see the upcoming format schedule here:

We make a post across all of our social media inviting people to join in on this event. If you participate in this event, be sure to take a screen shot and post it in the comments on one of our social media accounts to get a code for a special "promo pack" in MTG Arena.

The Second Option for playing on Friday nights is our organized Tournaments. The format will be the same as whatever the weekly FNM@Home event is.

Have you been missing playing with your friends at our store? Do you have a friend that plays MTG Arena that is out of state? Now you can play in a tournament together!

So, how much does it cost to enter? NOTHING! We are running events for free for the next couple weeks so that you all can get the hang of this online tournament thing without the pressure of a paid event.

It's FREE? So no prizes? NOPE! We're giving away one promo pack in each event to the winner for 8 person events, and 1 pack at random to the winner for events with a minimum of 6 players. It's our way of saying THANK YOU for supporting our store during this crazy time. Out-of-state players will have their promo pack mailed to them. US Only right now.

The number of rounds and time for them will vary depending on the event, but typically it's 3 rounds with 50 minutes per round. 5 minute breaks in between if needed, and 5 minutes allowed for setting up matches before the timer will start.

Ban lists apply, and you may be required to show your decklist if you are caught playing with cards outside of the allowed format. For a breakdown on the formats and ban list information, visit:

We will be running all of our events through the MTG Discord server we have set up. If you haven't joined yet, be sure to head over there to register for events!

I will also be streaming the tournaments that I participate in, so feel free to come watch on our Twitch channel, and don't forget to follow us!

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