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Updated: Oct 17, 2020

Magic the Gathering (MTG) Party

The Party that brings Magic to the Table!

We Believe in the Sanctity of a Player’s Deck, the Right to Pursue an Infinite Combo, and the Fun and Fellowship of Gathering with Friends Regardless of Playstyles!

Get to Know Your Candidates

The MTG Party proudly presents three (3) Primary Candidates for this election (in no particular order):

-Nissa Revane;

-Jace Beleren

-Nahiri the Lithomancer

These three Planeswalkers have recently gone head-to-head in MTG’s newly released Zendikar Rising set! Here are their statements, be sure to read them carefully before casting your vote!

Nissa Revane

"Go Green with Nissa!"

Why do you want to be the Candidate of the Magic the Gathering (MTG) Party?

Nissa: “Gideon (Jura) would have been my first choice, but with him gone, someone has to step up. He really inspired me to be more assertive when it came to important things. He wouldn’t have hesitated, and neither will I.”

From her early youth in the forests of Bala Ged on the Plane of Zendikar, Nissa Revane has been a passionate wildlife and elemental advocate. Her earliest experience with leadership was as a respected member of the Joraga tribe. After enduring the hardships of the Eldrazi obliterating her world, she fought to save it, using the special bond she has with the Soul of Zendikar. She sought out other Planeswalkers, and together they defeated the Eldrazi Titans. Nissa and her associates then formed the Gatewatch, which pledged to protect all the Planes from atrocities such as the Eldrazi.

Nissa Revane has the experience it takes to lead, and her compassion reaches to all Planes. She knows the importance of respecting the Forces of Nature, not seeking to exploit them. Elect Nissa Revane and she will bring Peace to the Land.

Jace Beleren

"No Mind Games – I Promise!"

Why do you want to be the Candidate of the Magic the Gathering (MTG) Party?

Jace: “I think I’m the natural choice for this. I have the experience of being the Living Guildpact after all.”

Jace Beleren has forgotten more life experiences than the average Plane inhabitant has had. A talented Mind Mage, he uses his talents for the good of the People. As the Living Guildpact on Ravnica, he honed his diplomatic skills keeping the peace between the Guilds. Not content to be stuck behind a desk, Jace explored the Planes. His extensive knowledge of the Eldrazi was instrumental in defeating them on Zendikar, and he is a founding member of the Gatewatch.

Jace Beleren is a leader many times over. With intelligence and wisdom, he’s the Guy who can Get Things Done! Vote for Jace! (You know you want to. . .)

Nahiri the Lithomancer

"Make Zendikar Great Again!"

Why do you want to be the Candidate of the Magic the Gathering (MTG) Party?

Nahiri:Because you can’t trust anybody. They’ll all just screw you over in the end. At least I’m honest about it.”

As one of the oldest Planeswalkers, Nahiri has thousands of years of experience. To save the other Planes from the Eldrazi, she offered her home Plane of Zendikar as their prison. Using her lithomancy magic, she bound them and served as a watchful Guardian of Zendikar. Centuries passed, and when the Eldrazi stirred, she quelled them by herself because her allies of long ago ignored her calls. When she confronted a former ally, she was BETRAYED and IMPRISONED, leaving Zendikar DEFENSELESS.

But all that’s in the past. Nahiri’s experiences have made her stronger and more self-reliant. She is focused now on returning Zendikar to the time of her youth, before the roils that shattered and changed the landscape and those wild Elementals got out of hand. Vote for Nahiri, a candidate from the Past for the Future!

Those are the Candidates for the Magic the Gathering Party!

You can start voting for your choice on 10/20!

Be sure to follow our social media pages and come back each day this weekend to check who the candidates for the other parties are, so you can be an informed voter when it's time to vote for your favorites next week!

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