Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What's up with your game room?  Can we use it?

A:  The game room and its tables are available for your use throughout the day with facemasks on.  We have events in the evenings that take up table space but you are always welcome to come play! 

Q:  Do you have any policies that we should be aware of while in your store?

A:  Our policies all revolve around respect and fairness while in our store.  We ask that you treat others with kindness and be a good sport when playing games, and that all trades with children are fair.  We have a more detailed breakdown of our policies in the "about us" tab if you'd like to know more!

Q: Why Do You Require Facemasks In The Game Room?

A: While we understand that it is not mandated, we are requiring facemasks for the game room due to the close quarters nature of the games we play.


We do not require it if you are just stopping by in the retail section because it is far less likely that you could unintentionally infect someone else when not in close quarters, but we do ask that you respect our decision to make the game room as safe as possible while we are still going through a pandemic.


Many of our community members fall into the "at risk" category and it is out of respect to them that we are continuing to require masks in the game room. Kayleigh is one of them and she really appreciates your cooperation and support as well.

Q:  Do you charge for that?

A:  Use of our tables is free of charge when we aren’t using them for an event, but if you have a big group you can always rent the room.

Q:  How do you make any money that way?

A:  There are plenty of ways for you to support our store, like buying games after you fall in love with the demo or purchasing something awesome from our geek boutique.  The tournaments we hold and the products we sell allow us to keep the use of our tables and game free of charge.

Q:  Do you take tips?

A:  Yes, we have a tip jar for those that feel like giving.  A lot of parents like to "tip" us for providing a safe space for their kids to play games and socialize.

Q:  I don't see what I'm looking for. Can you order something for me?

A:  Yes, we offer custom ordering for 15% off as long as our Distributor carries it.


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