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Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, Dungeons & Dragons, Super Smash Bros, and Board Games are some of the things you will find here.  We organize events and sell products related to them for you to enjoy.  Come see what we're all about!

Kaldheim Prerelease



AwesomeSomething is a veteran and family owned business.  We take pride in having an open community of players and friends. We sell games and collectibles, but the good times and conversation are free.


  • Game Room Rental

  • Trading Card Game Singles: we take trades and organize online orders

  • Special Orders and Pre-orders

  • Board Game Rental

  • Learn to play Magic: The Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Pokemon, and various Board Games

  • Miniature Painting

  • Altered & Extended Art Cards

  • Consignment

  • WiFi (weekly and monthly plans)

Some Services Temporarily Unavailable Due To COVID-19



CONTACT US: 360-293-6825
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MTG Arena on mobile!

Do you play MTG Arena? Did you know that Kayleigh plays it on Twitch? Challenge her to a battle sometime!

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